How To Make Your Own Conditioner with Vodka

9 Apr

Dear Kissing Willow Kate,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, How have you been? I’ve been fine, welcoming the Summer with a smile.

This mixture is my very own invention, it is a very mild conditioner that has a surprisingly addictive scent!

What you will need:

Vodka (the plainest kind will do, you don’t want any sugary flavor in it because you are going to put it in your hair)

Now You can get drunk and have great hair at the same time!

Tea Tree Oil (if you want to use a different kind of oil, be my guest, Tea Tree oil repairs and cleans the hair)

Gives that Minty, feel-good, health scent.

Vinagre Aromatico (Aromatic Bathing Vinegar can be purchased at any pharmacy)

Looks medical doesn’t it? It’s just Vinegar based body wash that strangely smells like roses.

An empty container with a cover

How to make it:

1. Using a shot glass, pour one shot of vodka into the empty container

2. Add 10 drops of the Tea Tree oil

3. Add two-teaspoons of the Vinagre Aromatico

4. Place the cover on the container and shake it.

How to use it:

There are a few tricks in using this very liquid type of conditioner.

1. Use a spray bottle as a container and after you shampoo, spray your hair a good  15 to 20 times, count to 60 then rinse.

2. Using a container with a stopper or a nozzle, a few dashes on your locks, count to 60 then rinse.

3. If you have none of these fancy things,placing five teaspoons in a cup with a wide mouth, and stuffing your hair in the cup, then turning it over your head is a fun and strange way to bathe… but will do the trick. count to 60 then rinse.

So, that’s it! I wish I could show you a picture of me having wonderful hair like in real conditioner commercials, but I dont have a picture like  that, instead all I have is a picture of me eating pizza and drinking beer. Here it is.


Rosemary Pocket

P.S. I’ve been abit down lately, but I feel rested from the Holy Week and now I am ready to party once again! So I hope to see you soon.


I ❤ lipstick!

5 Feb

Hi Rosie,

It is so quiet this sunny Sunday afternoon that I can hardly believe we live next to two major highways. The weekend has been so kind just when I really needed it to be. Recent events have shaken me up like nothing else in a long time. A surprising result is that I have come to dwell in and better know my core. When did it become so steadfast.. this brave, I wonder.

I’m confident that things will start to look up very soon if I only climb on the backs of things I love and ride them in an upwards spiral. So am happy to say that I was and still am super excited about my latest DIY! Though I don’t always paint on a face, I am a huge sucker for make-up. I seriously believe that a new shade of lipstick can change you – and not just in superficial ways. Today, I made my very own lip palette. Isn’t it the cutest thing? It contains 7 lipsticks + 1 tinted lip balm!

I decided to make this since I had a bunch of mushed up tubes lying around. Most of them melted in the car or on my desk. Some I’ve had for a long time and don’t often use. The only rule to go by when picking out your lipstick for your palette is to discard the ones that smell funky no matter how cute the shade, haha!

To make your own little kit, purchase an inexpensive tray of watercolor from the bookstore. I got my heart shaped case at Merriam Webster for less than P40. Clean it out by running it through hot water. Be patient and be careful not to warp or damage the plastic.

Set up scrap paper to protect your working area. Bring out a candle, old spoon, knife and tissue.

Decide on the color order of your palette then proceed by slicing off small amounts of lipstick and putting them over the candle in your spoon. Keep the base of the spoon as far from the flame as possible. Pour in melted lipstick into each depression and let cool, wiping away residue on the spoon and knife as you move from one color to another.

Here’s what I put in my palette:

Estee Lauder’s Crystal Orchid, Orlane’s 19, In2it’s Rose Pink, In2it’s Flamingo, Avon’s Juicy Papaya, a light brown shade from Ever Bilena, Lacome’s Brun Moderne and Nivea’s Fruity Shine Strawberry lip balm.

Though this is pretty straightforward stuff, I watched a few tutorials on YouTube before attempting it myself. Here‘s a good one.

I just know you’ll love this!

See me soon to claim your pasalubong from wonderful Korea,

Kissing Kate

A Wonderland Christmas

29 Dec

Dearest Kissing Willow Kate,

Holiday Greetings, my beloved friend! I was just looking at your previous post and I couldn’t help be reminded of Alice in Wonderland. Every year for Christmas, I theme all my gifts to my friends (I bet you do that too right?) and so this year’s theme was Alice in Wonderland. Mostly because, as you  know, I am obsessed with the book. I love the art, even the PC game (American Mcgee’s Alice), and I love all the movies.. even the one by Burton (which I really think was severe butchery). One night, heaven smiled upon me.. I was at Expo, on the 23rd I think, with some of our friends and I found this little stall with all sorts of Alice in Wonderland themed jewelry. I spent most of my money that night at that shop, but at least I didn’t buy beer with it, right?

Cheshire rabbit aliceThe Potions were both for 300 as I recall, and the three pendants were all for 200. Pretty cheap wouldn’t you agree?

Her shop’s name is a mystery, because when I took her calling cards, i realized none of them were hers. Her shop didn’t exactly have a sign and the two cards I picked up from her were from  HeyKessy and TheStabbingLadies which is probably a Tattoo shop. Well, I guess I do feel like I went to Wonderland.

Happy New Year Kate.


Rosemary Pocket

P.S. Your gift is also Alice in Wonderland inspired, but I didn’t post it here to surprise you. And its made by me! Hee!

Resuscitating hearts and a blog

25 Nov

Hey Rosey Pocket,

I bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me! It’s been so long since we’ve written each other that if we don’t get the ball rolling again, I fear our beloved pet drawers may just end up in the well of lost blogs. If it ever comes to that, I guess we can find comfort in knowing that it won’t be alone… I wonder how many blogs tumble into this state each week. Come to think of it, there can be no tangible marker between something being ‘put off’ to being ‘on hold’, ‘forgotten’, ‘lost’ and finally ‘lost for good’ or ‘________’. Can there? In poems, perhaps..

Last week, when we saw each other and danced to the song you liked and I didn’t recognize, you told me about one of your exciting projects! I’m not sure if you would be okay with talking about it on here. I would not want to preempt you nor your grand moment of unveiling, snigger.  But I gotta say, your project reminded me of this collage I once made. Disclaimer: I cannot give due credit to the artists whose work I used for these as I’ve lost the record of their names.. a huge shame since the majority of the design’s coolness are owed to them.

Cards up my sleeve - the house of hearts - right next to the one I wear

I also like how the cards look individually.

Hey perhaps you can give me a teaser of what to expect from your project! Bah, send me whatever as I’ll be happy with whatever (as you know full well).

It is late and I have to skimp on sleep by watching TV shows so I’ll leave you with xxxx and ooo0!


Still Kissing Willow Kate


30 Aug

Dear Kissing Willow Kate,

How are you? I’m doing very fine myself, I’m catching up on some school work, nothing new about that (as you know I’m always behind on this, haha). I am working on a few projects on the side and it’s one of those rare occasions wherein I feel busy but not stressed, and I was thinking of showing you a poem I had written at the start of this rainy season. I notice that I have always liked writing about the weather, about the rain and things that it reminds me of. They say people are “meteoric” or “relating to the earth’s atmosphere”. Like my friend says, you are “meteoric” when your emotions are directly affected by the weather.

As the doors said “summer’s almost gone”

I close my eyes,

Only to be blinded by Phosphenes

I am nostalgic

For the smell of rain

I had known all of my life.

The swelling and shrinking scent

Of old wood that built my house.

Particles of people

Mingled in the air

An unshakable feeling of distraction

When Mothers are busy with their children’s homework

The Trees have all bloomed and molted

I close my eyes,

My sky is filled with rainclouds

And crepuscular Rays

I carefully intake the moisture,

With my thirsty-tongue,

Enough to wash my life forward.

It will probably keep raining for the next few months, I hope you keep dry Katie, and never let the rainy weather get you down.


Rosey Pocket

Sick days and a devil

14 Aug

Dear Kissing Willow Kate,

I finally got my new tattoo, It is a Rose-Gumamela hybrid aka Imbento flower which I got done at Tattoo-X. I call it “Devil” because to me, it symbolizes my devilish side. You know how in cartoons, whenever a character is trying to make a decision whether he’s going to do the “good” thing or the “evil” thing, there is always a little angel and a little devil that help them make the decision? I believe that every person has a devil and angel inside of them. And we must actually be ready to embody both.

Last Meiday, I had won this little Rosamela on my shoulder. Yes, you heard me, I unleashed my inner devil and won this beautiful bloom. I was really ecstatic and feeling on top of the world, ironically enough, a couple of days later, I came down with a bad case of the flu -_-

And here I am drinking a cup of warm Calamansi Juice (If you are a lazy juice squeezer like I am, pre-squeezed calamansi juice in a bottle is available in Eunilane) I also take this herbal cough syrup called Joshinda which does miracles, so to speak, It is a product of Pakistan where my dad and I purchase in ASSAD on United Nations Avenue (along with a whole lot of other strange products like Rose Syrup, Cinnamon bark and Hemp Incense). You might not know this, but I am also an asthmatic and I also take Lagundi  for that.

Since I haven’t gone out I took it as an opportunity to catch up with my reading list. So I was looking through the books I borrowed last week from the library (nearly due and I haven’t even made a dent in any of them, bad Rosey)  and I was reading the list of previous borrowers at the back of one of them, and there was only one other borrower. Do I need to say it? YOU. I could not believe it, but at the same time I could too, we have the same taste in books after all.              And so for the past few days I have been bed ridden, drinking my warm Calamansi juice and herbal remedies, reading in bed and watching some movies, drinking lots and lots of water and of course sleep is always the best remedy. I’m glad to report that today I woke up feeling better 🙂 I was even able to go out for a walk with my dog, Oryx.

The last time we saw each other was at Expo and I found a ring and I think that it might be yours. Is it?

Also, tell me if I’m wrong, but is that your pink high-lighting? I mean, since you’re the only other person who borrowed this book I just though that maybe past Kate is helping the present Rosemary with her studies 🙂 since magic works that way.

I hope to see you soon flower dear, Nomnomnom date for sure.

Love, Rosemary


Ssssh… I’m already thinking about my next tattoo.

Can you guess what it is? Clue: you can see one of them at background of one of these pictures but not so clearly.

Nail Doodles

6 Aug

Dear Rosemary Pocket,

Let me start with a plea – take me to Nomnomnom! I’ve heard so much about this place but haven’t had the chance to check it out for myself. I wish you had taken pictures of the dishes you ordered. Have been making myself meals to take to the office lately and come to think of it, this would be the perfect place to share some recipes.

You haven’t gotten a reply from me in the past two weeks because I really wanted to tell you about my take on stress reduction (this would take a while since I’d need to distill my thoughts and organize them on paper in a way that would make sense to other people, haha). Then I realized I can write you short letters when I don’t have the time/energy for the more beefy ones.

When you are out do0dling on sidewalks, I’m probably squinting at my hands with my tongue in between my lips, painting on the tiny canvases which we humans call fingernails. Here is the final result!

ring from SM department store, m.i.c.

This was inspired by Mondrian and… the shirt I’m wearing in this picture, obviously. I used some of my favorite things to complement these nails.

This bag was a gift! (Collezione)

Ferretti, Sta. Lucia

Here’s how I did my nails!

1 Paint them white!

2 - make a light blue grid with light blue polish and a small paintbrush; 3 - color in selected boxes with yellow, violet and brick red

Tip: Make the same patterns for both hands so the overall effect is neater.

I agree with you 100% – whether on sidewalks or on nails, drawing is therapy! Hope you are well, Rosey.

Giant Love,

Kissing Willow Katie